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The Shadow Reader (Shadow Reader, #1) - Sandy Williams Oooooh The Shadow Reader! Oooooh average rating 4.14! Happy day!!!!My first thought: My second thought: My third thought: My other thoughts are verging between ugh idiot, duh, gah and pass the jelly. Imagine you have a cold. But not a normal cold. It’s one of those bad ones where you have to drown in antibiotics and syrup. You know the feeling you get when you are eating something, and you can’t feel its taste? You look at the people you’re sharing the meal with and see them moan in pleasure because the food is so delicious. Don’t you feel like stabbing them in the eye with your fork because they can feel it, but you can’t? That’s exactly how I feel about The Shadow Reader. My main issue is (as you surely guessed) the freaking love triangle. I’m not going to play the pick your side game. Again. Why are all authors using this damn love triangle theme? I really don’t get it. It’s unoriginal and boring, and it will turn the book into this as well. What’s so hard to get? It made the book too frustrating to the point of wanting to throw it out of the window to taste some of the acid rain I’m having right now. The fact that it’s an e-book, and that I’ve read it on my Kindle (which I love at the moment), kept me from doing it.Anyway, I fail to see where McKenzie is badass, she’s more of a typical YA heroine. The Shadow Reader was supposed to be a YA; they probably mixed up the genres somehow. Which reminds me… this book is so f*cking predictable! I knew how it was going to end since chapter 10. Not. Cool.In the end Naito was my favorite character. I’d maybe read the next book for his sake only. But I won’t. To the spam shelf with you!