The Great Destroyer

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Talk Me Down (Tumble Creek, #1) - Victoria Dahl When he put his hands on his hips, she could see his big gun, and not the big gun she was interested in, either.And so starts my most wonderful adventure into Hornyland. That’s right folks. Don’t miss this chance for nothing in the world! This book is a must-read!*sarcasm ends here*... What. The. F*ck....Seriously.Another book involving a horny city girl and a pansy village guy. Nothing new to see here. No humor, no story, no character development. Only stupidity thrown around in order to fill in 200-whatever pages. Oh the joy!I was actually planning to enjoy this, you know. Maybe even compare it to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books. Laugh a bit, wipe a tear from my eye, that sort of thing. What did I get? Anger and a bad case of bleeding eyes!The conclusion? Everyone in this book is an idiot! My dear book how I wish you were this plastic cup So I could crush you!