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Prototype 2 - Paco Diaz,  Dan Jolley,  Victor Drujiniu,  Chris Staggs Prototype 2 is divided into three parts: The Anchor, The Survivors and The Labyrinth. The Anchor presents Alex's story, of how he got to lose faith in humanity. It impressed me because of two reasons. One I love Alex; he is one of my most favorite characters ever. And two, the events are very emotional and touching.The Survivors, as you can probably tell by now, presents the story of three survivors in the Manhattan area. I failed to get what role these survivors will play in the future of Prototype, but we’ll probably see in the future comics (if there are any) and/or the Prototype 2 game.And the final part, The Labyrinth, presents Sgt. James Heller - a badass marine who doesn't take shit from anyone. Oh, he's also the next Prototype 2 (video game) protagonist. Excited yet? I know I am!Because it's an advance copy, the text is painfully difficult to read. Ouch, my poor little eyes. This is the only complaint I have about the book. I would recommend Prototype 2 only for the fans of the game. The rest of you... I don't think you'll get much from what's going on. Unless you've read the first Prototype comic and enjoyed it. Which means you are a fan of the game. And now we have an endless circle going on.ARC courtesy of Dark Horse Comics via NetGalley