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Blood Past - Samantha Young How can I write this without sounding like a faingirl?I can’t. I shall continue with my complete adoration and mindless blabbering towards this series and, most importantly, towards Samantha Young.Blood Past was f*cking awesome! It was everything I wanted to get out of the Warriors of Ankh series (at least so far). It’s like me and Samantha share the same mind. I ask a question while reading, turn the page and guess what? The answer is there! Total reader-crush on her!Next stop, more love spreading!▪ I’m totally in love with Eden!▪ I’m totally in love with Noah!▪ I’m totally in love with Cyrus!And speaking of Cyrus, cockblock much? He reminds me of Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) at times.. That’s it! I’m a soft little bastard right now.. Book soundtrack: The Real McKenzies - The Maple Trees Remember Favourite quotesThat little girl inside of her who had dreamed of a father who read bedtime stories, and sheltered her from the evil deeds of the world, wanted to reach out and grab hold of the connection he had declared and never, ever let go. But the little girl who had grown up with a father who murdered people in their basement shuddered with fear and shooed the hope away with a scowl.“She’s like the Hitler of Scottish pronunciation.” “I heard that!” “Good, maybe you’ll stop correcting me every five seconds.” “Maybe you’ll start pronouncing words correctly and stop embarrassing me.” “Embarrassing you? I’m sorry if I can’t understand why you people think it’s acceptable to name a street Cockburn Street just because you pronounce it Co-burn Street.”“They sent babies to do a man’s job.”“Well, you know what they say about babies.” The soul eater smirked. “What’s that?” “Don’t underestimate the amount of shit they can bring.”