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Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan I deeply admire Kristen Callihan for her Firelight book. It was everything I wanted in a paranormal-slash-historical romance. Archer and Miranda were excellent protagonists. The story was decent, and the paranormal element was very interesting. I was having the same expectations about Moonglow. Well, maybe a bit less since I was never a fan of Ian or Daisy.I’m sad to say that Moonglow is a huge disappointment, and it was obvious since page one that it won’t top Firelight. The story is very weak, unoriginal and too passive most of the time. The only things that I liked- No, wait, it’s actually a single thing that I liked, and this is the Poison Ivy gig going on with Daisy. The rest was mostly about werewolf clan problems, Ian and Daisy always lusting over each other, Winston and Poppy’s "marital problems” and a bit of story thrown here and there. It all left me unsatisfied.At the end of the book I found a little excerpt from Winterblaze, the next installment in the series. I was not impressed because it was all about how Winston fell in love, no, not love but lust, with Poppy. It had lots of ogling, flirting and an instant erection. Yes, that would totally make me want to buy Winterblaze.ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley