The Great Destroyer

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Dream Chaser - Sherrilyn Kenyon Why did I get the impression that Simone was playing a bit of Ghost Whisperer in this book? All the talking to ghosts and helping them cross over was way too similar to this show. Anyways, moving on… This was a decent book, nothing spectacular happening in it. Badass hero meets heroine, he’s an asshole to her but eventually he gets soft and they end up together. Love conquers and all that crap. Ok. I don’t mind this if the characters and story itself are interesting. This was mediocre. Now, I will like to add some comments. First of all where can I buy a few pairs of those bracelets? I have some people who aren’t on my bright side right now. Second, I really liked Julian in this book, all mature and helping them. The author should focus more on the Hunters, make them similar to BDB. Third, hot guys in goth clothes are my new weakness (irrelevant, but I had to let it out). Fourth, Jesse was cute, I wouldn’t mind having a pet ghost scaring my neighbors and doing my chores. Aaaand fifth, I really liked Jaden. He’s one tough SOB so I hope there’s a book about him out there.To end this little review or whatever this is, I will add the following quote:“Tate cursed. "So then how do we track and kill this thing?"Xypher's expression was one of pure evil. "You don't. It tracks and kills you."In Soviet Russia bike rides you! - I’m sorry but i couldn’t help myself :pRead the review on ZombieHazard.