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A Clockwork Fairytale - Helen Scott Taylor I don’t know why I have been obsessing about this book for almost four weeks. I told myself that I won’t buy it, that it won’t be good, but something kept on pushing me towards the Smashworks website to check if they still have it. And one day I said f*ck it, I’ll buy the damn thing. So there I was reading and feeling worried about having wasted my money. But come on! Fairytale = must have! *sighs* I was lucky this time, I totally loved the book. Since this it’s not so known I’ll be more indulgent. It’s a little sprout so it deserves the right to grow.I actually want this story transformed into a Disney animation movie. I was imagining throughout the book how it would look and I have to tell you I smell success. It reminds me of Anastasia from many points of view.For instance we have our little thief Who is the lost princess And the master spy who finds her And inevitably falls in love with her *sighs* I’m a sucker for these stories.I’m not going to say that this is the best book I’ve ever read. That would be kissing its ass too much. But I have many little things that made me fall in love with it and consider it one of my favorite books. A really nice story combined with the author’s unique and pleasant writing style, great non-shallow characters, many cute and lovely moments and an ending that left me craving for more. I think that settles it for me.And also add the flirty romance. It was so damn sweet!She hadn’t worried about him at first, but now she cared for him, it frightened her to see him take risks.Extra star for that. I’ll write it in bold. Cared for him. Watch and learn kids, this is the way feelings develop. First you care then you love. You don’t just see a dude and scream Omigosh I so love you hot dude!“Please, Great Earth Jinn, birther of all life,” he prayed. “Please make her come to me. Please.”… Let me love you Turk!!!! *sniff*Another thing I loved about the book was the fact that each chapter started with a quote. Another nice touch! Here are some of my favorites: A good spy sees everything but remains unnoticed.A man cannot use both his heart and his brain at the same time.The heart is heaviest when it’s empty and lightest when it’s full.Beware of the smiling shark. Other non-relevant aspects I loved and will ramble about:• I want a flutterby, why can’t they be real?• Dante ♥• What the hell was that ending??? I want to know what happens! NOW! Pretty please!Get it from Smashworks for $2.99