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Croak - Gina Damico I knew it! I knew this book will be awesome! You hear me evil guy who lives in my head and makes me choose shitty books?? DO-YOU-HEAR-ME???Instead of behaving like a brainless fangirl and squeal my ass off with useless words/sounds like ZOMG BFRRRR AAAA GAAAHHHH and ZIIING I chose to make a list of things that I loved about Croak. Fair enough? I’m trying my best here so cut me some slack.Ok so, let’s begin.But no, first I have to mention that the order has no special meaning. So you can stop psychoanalyzing me. Thank you.So, first stop we have the cover. It bedazzled me since I laid my eyes on its perfection and it is one of the main reasons I got the book in the first place. This and the cool title.Then we have death, Grimm Reapers, scythes, cool hoodies, a rocker uncle, a giant Titanic poster, jellyfish, dead writers, a tremendously hot one eye blue the other one brown piece of eye candy and a self-destructive brat that I loved since page one.The final and most important aspect that I loved: the humor. It’s delicious! This book made me lol in public, people were staring, and I was not caring. Fun fun fun!Did I make you think of Friday? Did I? Huh?? Did I?P.S. Did I mention that I want an adult urban fantasy with this theme? Waiter! More guns, foul words, carnage and sex please!P.P.S. If I were to paste all the quotes I love I’d spoil the entire book. Yes, they’re that many!P.P.P.S. I was sure it was Zara since the beginning!P.P.P.P.S. The ending was amazing and heartbreaking. I was not expecting Cordy’s death. I’m speechless and I can’t wait to see Lex punish the bitch that did this!