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Green-Eyed Demon  (Sabina Kane, #3) - Jaye Wells Mrs. Wells please let me shake your hand. Thank you.I am so surprised by Green-Eyed Demon. When I finished the previous book I was thinking of reading this just for the sake of knowing how it will end. Or evolve since there are two more books coming out. And then I started reading having a bored face and cringing a bit when thinking that I’ll get to taste some more of Sabina’s “sexy” attitude. And then this happened:Nah I’m kidding, don’t worry. There was no creepy Japanese person rubbing a bunny against his face in the book. At least as far as I remember.Actually this is what happened:Yep! It was awesome!My question to Sabina right now would be: “Who are you and what have you done with Sabina?” She is a totally different person. Probably if she’d be more perfect than this I’d say Jaye Wells actually did a reboot on her. Maybe she did but not 100%. Of course she still has some attitude issues but at least she’s acting like a heroine now. And an actual person/trampire. I have to admit that the change was rather sudden but it worked wonders for the book.We also had a nice amount of Adam in the mixture. The lovebirds had way better chemistry this time. Too bad Sabina is manlier than him. We also had lots of new interesting characters. Some I liked more than others. Giguhl was still meh. I lost my hope of him getting out of this annoying phase.I probably shouldn’t have been offended that a zombie just shooed off an opportunity to eat my brains, but I had to admit it stung.Heh! Loved that quote. One extra star for the zombies. What? I have a weak spot for them.Damn, Jaye Wells surpassed herself *grabs tissue and blows nose* What? I just got something in my eye.