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Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh Now she trusted no man’s smile . . . and was starting to trust a man who smiled not at all.Long story shortJason, Raphael's spymaster, is sent to the Queen of Poisons’ palace to investigate the murder of her consort, the Archangel Eris. He is to be assisted by Eris' illegitimate daughter, princess Mahiya, in his investigation. Mahiya is not an ordinary princess. She hides a dark and troubled past, and Jason may be the only one who can bring light into her life.My thoughtsJason is my favorite angel of Raphael's Seven. I don't think I need to say more, right? I was having high expectations, as usual. Anyways, Archangel’s Storm is the second paranormal romance book from the guild hunter series, and I must say that I miss the good old days when guild hunter was urban fantasy. Ish.I was going to give Archangel’s Storm three stars. It's mostly because I really like Nalini Singh’s books. The previous guild hunter book, Dmitri's, (I totally forgot the name) was very good and I'm sad to say that Jason’s doesn't even come close to it. I love Jason more than Dmitri so I’m sad. Kind of.The bad thing about this book is that it's unbelievably boring. It's been a while since I’ve read a book that was so boring. It was uneventful, it had few action scenes and lots of talking and monologue. Add Nalini Singh’s special habit of using extremely fancy words for any simple sentence and you get a snoozefest.And speaking of her writing style, let me pick on some things. The switch between scenes was too sudden. The memories and dialogues from those memories would simply pop up unexpectedly and if one didn't pay attention (that's me), one would lose track of what the hell was going on. This happened more than once. One moment I was reading about Mahiya’s dirty thoughts towards Jason, and the next I was reading about a bloody severed head on the table. Confusing, to say the least.On to the next problem! Nalini Singh’s vocabulary and writing style can be too tough sometimes. She tends to use lots of complex words in long sentences. Have the following quote as an example.As for this particular woman, he found the idea of another man courting her incited in him a dark violence he’d spent a lifetime learning to contain.And another one:Mahiya wanted to ask him why he used only the past tense, why he carried such black sorrow within, what had happened to Nene if Yavi was dead, but she couldn’t hurt him when he was already so terribly hurt deep inside. Lots of complaining, I know. The fact that the story is boring me to death made me be sensitive to the smallest details. I didn't use to notice these things in Singh’s previous books, but I do remember reading about them in some people's reviews. Now I see that they were right. Even the typical Nalini Singh overly complex names bothered me. Heh. Imagine that.Anydoodle, I did not like any of the characters. Not even Jason. He was weird. Mahiya was weird as well. In theory I was supposed to like her. In reality I didn't. I also didn't hate her which makes the problem a bit smaller. The romance is weird. The story is weird. The keyword for Archangel’s Storm is weird.As I said in the beginning of my review, I was going to give it three stars. However, thinking about this book made me see that I almost didn't like anything about it. I can't give it one star because it Nalini Singh, so its two stars. If you’re a fan of Singh then its three. If you don't know who the hell is Singh then its one. You decide.Favorite quoteAn angel who fascinated her. The same way a child might be fascinated by the gleaming edge of a blade, wanting to run a fingertip over the metal to see if it really was that sharp.Review also posted on