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Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake I started this with very high expectations. Everyone kept giving it high ratings, most of my friends were already reading it and talking about it between each other. I felt left alone! So I said f*ck it I’ll drop my current to-read list and start it. Good call that was.Now how can I review Anna Dressed in Blood without acting like a total fangirl? Oh how about some pretty pictures that reflect my experience?A-f*cking-mazing!! I was having the time of my life while reading this! A love story between a boy and a ghost… That was a new one for me. Am I wrong for finding it romantic and not gross? Their kiss was the cutest thing ever! Cas is sooo badass, I developed a crush on him. I know I’m acting like a worked-up teenager over this book but I don’t care. I deserve this!!I fell in love with the characters, fell in love with the town and fell in love with ghost stories again. It’s a wonderful feeling. And it got me searching for more books similar to this one (Hold Me Closer Necromancer is next on my list). Kendare Blake has such a brilliant mind. This won’t be the last book I read for her. And as for this series, I’m damn excited to read more. And btw 2012 is just cruel!Oh, I think I found the perfect song for the book’s ending:Wherever You Are by Stream of Passion [link]Favorite quote:“I’m not a superhero,” I say. It’s an awful tag. It’s egotistical, and it doesn’t fit. I don’t parade around in spandex. I don’t do what I do and receive accolades and keys to cities. I work in the dark, killing what should have stayed dead.And relax, I haven’t forgotten about the surprised I promised. I did a little piece of fanart for my dear Anna. A three hour quickie, freehand, no references, Photoshop (as always). Hope you like!(click to enlarge)