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A Little Wanting Song - Cath Crowley My thoughts before reading A Little Wanting Song- The Dark Side (a super secret group I’m a member of) birthday read. Mandatory. Not so happy about mandatory books;- [after reading the summary] Ugh, that doesn’t sound too good;- [after checking out friends' ratings] Lots of five stars. I wonder why;- [175 pages on my Kindle] Short book, so if it sucks I won't have to put up with 400 pages of misery. :happy dance:- [after staring at the book’s table of contents for more than 10 minutes] I will soooo dump your ass if you suck, birthday read or not.My thoughts after reading A Little Wanting SongThe first thing that hit me was the way Cath Crowley describes her shit. Here's one of many examples:So I pulled out my guitar case, cold and dimpled like the skin of an orange.This is weird to say the least. I feel like her writing style is extremely weak. Also, the problems the main protagonists are facing are extremely trivial to me. I am not interested in hearing about them, nor do I want to find out what they do to fix them. This being said, I find no reasons left for me to continue with A Little Wanting Song. Dropped around 20%.To read or not to read?Are you a teenager? Do you like to read about other people’s problems in order to forget about your own? If you answer yes for both those questions then I would say yes, read it.Review also posted on