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Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #1) - Gini Koch Touched by an Alien, eh? What was I thinking?I mean yeah, the cover artist – I’m talking about the whole series of books- is great, and call me a douche, but that’s the main reason I wanted to get my hands on this book so much. But Touched by an Alien??…And then the summary, which states a bunch of important words “sexy marketing manager”, emphasis, as you see, on “sexy”, “Alpha Centauri male in Armani”, emphasis on “Alpha” and “Armani”, and “handsome hunk”, emphasis on “hunk”. After analyzing these keywords one gets the following results:1. sexy – stands for an incredibly arrogant and annoying female lead. She will have a herd of men chasing after her ass, and she will choose the hottest one (see number 2);2. Alpha – main male character who is better than any other male in the book (or Universe), and will do everything better, faster, stronger than anyone else. He will be mostly topless and oily most of the time, and will melt a female’s panties off with one look; 3. Armani – suggests personal wealth and lack of clothing brand knowledge;4. hunk – a cheap way of saying that the Alpha is hot. Expect lots of idiotic jokes throughout the book.So yes, after all this I still went on and tried to read Touched by an Alien. I deserve everything I’ve got.What is Touched by an Alien REALLY about?- A bunch of hunky agents - A male MC who’s behaving like an overly attached dog - Loads of shitty humor - Aliens - Shitty Creepy romance I shite you not, the guy was actually acting like this- Loads of ass kissing for the female MC - And a female MC who’s full of shit if it only was one week and not two days..Sexual harassment anyone?Review also posted on