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The Archived SNEAK PEEK (The Archived, #1) - Victoria Schwab I was lucky enough to get this sneak peek ARC from NetGalley. It contains the first nine chapters of The Archived, which give you a very good overall view of what this book is about.I have to say that I’m intrigued. I really like the idea behind The Archived. The archive, the keepers, Mackenzie, the MC, is going through her grandfather and younger brother’s deaths, and the pain that author portrays feels genuine. I like this, I really do. The character development is ok. And that’s all what I can say for the moment. I can’t really guess where the story is going. I’ll have to see.Is this a good tactic to make us readers buy the full boo? It sure worked for me since I’m probably going to buy it in order to see what happens next.Read my review for the entire book -> here