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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Welcome to the wonderful world of ovaries, where every couple of months or so every girl who isn’t into reading romance novels will feel compelled into picking up these said romance novels and revel in their magnificence. Ok, they’re not really magnificent, but some are pretty good. Like this one, for instance.I was in that time of the month (no, I’m not talking about my period) when I needed mush. And not any kind of mush, I needed the perfect mush. Now, I need to mention that I’m not into reading romances. I’ve tried reading some several times before, and I find it difficult to enjoy them. I need the characters to be original, and their relationships believable. On Dublin Street offered me exactly what I wanted. It’s not the perfect romance novel, mind you, but Samantha Young managed to create a super-cute couple that managed to entertain me. A lot. And that’s saying something. I am a bit biased in my score because I really like Sam Young’s work, so you can consider my rating more of a 3-star one. I would have given it the big 5 if Joss wasn’t such a dick at times.Review also posted on