The Great Destroyer

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Trickster - Jeff Somers We were not good people.Trickster should be turned into a movie, and Tom Hiddleston should play Lem.I really liked this book. At first I thought I will end up DNFing it because the start was rather strange, and I thought it wouldn’t be my kind of book. But after a while, as I read on, I started to care about the characters and the story didn’t bother me anymore. On the contrary, it became extremely interesting. The characters are the strong point of Trickster. Their complexity makes them feel genuine. Oh, and the MC is more of an antihero. I likes me some antiheroes.If you want to give Trickster a try then go ahead. But I must warn you, if you’re looking for pink clouds and mushy bears then this might not be the book for you. They call it Noir for a reason.3.5 starsReview also posted on