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The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson This review will be more or less my impression on the Mistborn trilogy. And I say trilogy to ignore the coming books since the trilogy concludes this sequence of the Mistborn series.Anypoodle, I cannot find words good enough to describe how much I’ve enjoyed reading these three books. Sure, it might seem frightening since they’re incredibly long, each book having at least 700 pages, but Sanderson managed to make it feel anything but long and boring.He is such an amazingly talented writer and he made me feel a lot of emotions towards the characters belonging to this series. I’ve been through so many events with them. Happy, sad, terrifying. You name it. I’ve learned to love and respect them and I was so scared of reaching the end because I had no idea how I’d cope with the fact that there will be no more books about them in the future. I do think that Sanderson was right to keep this as short as he could. Maybe if here were more books things would have lost their spark. Or not. Who knows?I am sad because of the bitter sweet ending. It was a happy ending, but not as happy as I would have wanted it to be. It left me staring out into the sky and trying to cope with what had happened. Three days later and I’m still not over it. I don’t know if and when I’ll be over it. We shall see.The other thing I want to talk to - well more like ask you - is to read this series. Don’t expect rainbows, unicorns and happy princesses. Mistborn is a story about pain and what it means to fight for what you believe in. There are lots of deaths and lots of sadness so you have to try to read it accordingly. After you’re done meet me for some drinks. You’ll need them. You’ll also thank me for making you know this amazing series.I’m not exaggerating when saying that this is a must read. Read it. Read it asap!Review also posted on