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Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) - Cassandra Clare I thought Cassandra Clare was out of ideas while I was reading City of Fallen Angels.I thought Cassandra Clare was milking the cash out of her poor readers while I was reading Clockwork Prince.And now, looking at Lady Midnight, I can clearly tell that she thinks we are idiots.But of course there are people out there who want to feed Clare's evil need to increase her revenue. You know why she stopped writing good stuff? Because of you guys paying loads of money to read her shitty books. Maybe if she notices a lack of sales she'll at least try to improve her stories. But nooo, of course you guys like reading the same thing all over again.But what am I saying? We live in a world where people mock what's unique and go crazy over everything that is popular, has a pretty cover and has a main male character that makes them have wet dreams.