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Perverted Proverbs: A Manual of Immorals for the Many - Harry Graham, D. Streamer A total delight!I guess you know why I chose to read this book. Perverted Proverbs is a hypnotizing title and I couldn’t get my hands off it. Now the good surprise is that they’re not really perverted. Probably the best word to use here is stained. Or maybe I’m just being an assh*le and wanting to trick you into reading something totally perverted and disgusting. *grins* Are you gonna risk it mate? Eeeh? Have a bit of bones in you to do it? It’s just about 25 pages so no big deal right? I dare you to read it!This book is full of subtext. Every proverb has its own meaning. It may be humorous but deep inside it’s actually a harsh truth related to our day to day life. I must admit that I didn’t get the hidden meaning of all the proverbs but maybe after a second read things will become clear.Since the book is full of nice rhymes I won’t do a “Top 5 quotes” list. I’ll just post a few things (amongst many) that I liked. But having had your boom in oil,And made your millions out of it,Would you propose to cease from toil?Great Vanderfeller! Not a bit!You've got to labour, day and night,Until you die--and serve you right!Then, when you stop this frenzied race,And others in your office sit,You'll leave the world a better place,--The better for your leaving it!For there's a chance perhaps your heirMay spend what you've collected there."Learn to Take Things Easily."To these few words, it seems to me,A wealth of sound instruction clings;O Learn to Take things easily--Espeshly Other People's Things;And Time will make your fingers deftAt what is known as Petty Theft.Read the review on ZombieHazard.