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Memory's Wake (Memory's Wake Trilogy #1) - Selina Fenech An emo, a princess, Tarzan and a thief walk into a bar. The rest of the joke is the book itself.Yeah, no.I was so excited about reading this one. I don’t know why. It may have been the awesome cover, the author is a very good graphic artist and it shows. Goodreads had an extended preview for it once. It probably still does. Going through it, I could see some amazing artwork put in the book and that made me even more excited. Also, the beginning of each chapter has a cute illustration; this reminds me of Harry Potter a lot. All these things made me want Memory’s Wake so badly.And then it was free on Amazon. I guess it was a one or two day thing because I don’t think it’s free anymore. Doesn’t hurt checking. I am happy I ended up waiting for it to get a discount (100% ftw) because I know I would have regretted buying it. Like this I did not pay a dime so I’m not that sad. At least I’m not sad about the wasted money. What I am sad is about – no more disappointed than sad – is that the book ended up being bad.There are many things that bothered me about the story and characters. Most of the characters are not likeable. Ok, not most. All of them are. I did not like ANY character in this book. Really. There were also lots of terms mentioned throughout the book without giving more explanations. “We are part of the resistance blah blah blah” or “The pact prohibits them from hurting us.”Yes, but what is this resistance you speak of? What pact? What is this kingdom you are in? How do these wormholes or whatever the hell they are appear there? I feel like the author didn’t explain much about the universe and this failed to give depth to the story. The writing is ok but it’s obvious that Selina Fenech does not have much experience with writing. As I said before, many explanations were missing. The line of events often lost its flow. I would feel like I skipped one chapter because the events did not make much sense. The characters don’t really distinguish between each other. They are not likeable nor believable. Eh.The first half of the book was horrible. I got bored, I got angry, I wanted to drop the book. The only thing that made me want to go on was this: Yeah, Tarzan boy is hot. I am ashamed of it, but yeah. There’s my reason. And in the end I don’t think it was even worth it because I ended up not liking the dude. He just looks hot. That’s all.The second half was better but it still didn’t save the rating from a low rating. I’m not going to give it one star, but I feel like I can’t give it more than two either.So there you have it. If you ever find Memory’s Wake for free and have no other book at an arm’s reach, then give it a try. Otherwise I can’t really tell you to read it because, you know, meh. Review also posted on