The Great Destroyer

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Grimspace - Ann Aguirre Guess what made me choose this book! Anyone? You! The boy wearing the creepy frog mask! Tell me the answer!...Never gets old...Ooor maybe it’s the coolness of Mass Effect. Good times being Commander Shepard...Aaaanypoop let’s put an end to this useless jabbering! Back to our precious book!Overall the story was very interesting. A sh*tload of action, a bunch of remarkable characters and some well-placed drama. I just mostly care about the action. And March. Mmmmmmmm…. I immediately got attached to the book.Jax is so damn cool, really loved her. She’s amazing! Duh, no one would enjoy reading a book that doesn’t have an awe-inspiring heroine. Being in an idiot’s mind isn’t fun. What would the book turn into? Vegetarian vampires? Creeps that climb into your room to watch you sleep all night without you knowing it? Sparkling creatures??? Pedophilia??? Oh the horror!!!March was…. Mmmmmmmmmmm….. Yep…. No words needed… Just… music and very tiny touches…I loved the tenseness and "hatred" going on between Jax and March. Actually, I’ve always wanted to witness one of these relationships. I thought it would be fun and I’m happy to see that I wasn’t wrong.Oh dear Grimspace where have you been hiding all this time? Why hasn’t anyone told me about this? Oh yeah. Because most of the popular books nowadays are idiotic, that’s why. Get the book. ASAP!