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Wanderlust (Sirantha Jax, #2) - Ann Aguirre Sci-fi up! We’re going to the future!Even though the beginning wasn’t as flashy as Grimspace, Wanderlust was another thrilling adventure for me. I may be totally biased about this series though. One can never know…One of the best things about this series is the almost perfect way I can relate to Jax. Yes, of course she’s way cooler than me (duh) and she lives in the future and goes into space and is badass but at least I get consoled personality wise.I don’t have to say that March was a major dickhead for what he did to Jax. Vel ended up being her right hand when March should have been the one. Call me a hopeless romantic but I see relationships working like that.We had also a newcomer. Nah, scratch that. Two newcomers who were relevant. Jael and Hit. Both of them were amazing but the one who impressed me the most was Jael. I couldn’t get enough of him and I can’t wait to learn more of his secrets!I can’t help of thinking of Mass Effect when reading this series. Hell it’s the only time I was in charge of a team and had my own off-world expeditions. Some situations were similar in the game. Since I’m a passionate gamer I got attached to my team and my ship, the Normandy (I have to show you a picture to show off with it). That’s another reason why I’m going to give this book such a good score. There is also a reason why I consider Vel my favorite character. What’s the reason you ask? Well in my Mass Effect team Garrus was my "second in command". He had my back in many missions and bit by bit he became dear to me. As you can guess I see Vel as my Garrus. Well Garrus is an ugly sonovabitch but you get my point.And no, I won’t stop with my Mass Effect stories.Ah well, something relevant about the story and no more rambling? Awesome story read the damn book!