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Nevermore (Nevermore #1) - Kelly Creagh I was not going to write a review for Nevermore because it was one of those books that kept me reading mouth open, eyes wide, fingers stuck not able to type in any ideas. Then again, I felt like writing a review would push you guys into giving this book a try. Which you should totally do, by the way. It’s awesome.Since I’m short on ideas and irritated because of a stupid allergy, I’m afraid my review won’t be much fun. Nor interesting. Not aggravating. Nor.. something else that I can’t think of. Oh yes, I remembered. Nor making much sense.No, no it will make sense. It will make sense only if you read Nevermore.Which you should.Okay then, I’ll go on telling you why I loved it so much. See, I’m not the biggest fan of cheerleaders. The MC is a cheerleader. Dating the highschool’s football star. Not a good student. The usual. I didn’t think I would like Isobel. Hell, I hated her at the beginning of the book. But Kelly Creagh, being an amazing author as she is, made Isobel evolve into an admirable character.The story revolving Poe was interesting enough. We get even some nice quotes from his works. Even though the story mostly goes around the school assignment, it did not get boring. The other part went around the dreamworld, which could get confusing. The trick is to pay total attention to the book in these moments. This means that you should read it in complete silence, when no one can interrupt. Worked for me like a charm.And last but not least, the reason why I loved Nevermore so much is Varen. This goth baby won me over fair and square.I love, absolutely love, hot goth guys. He’s also deep, he’s an artist. He writes and draws. Sigh. This is the perfect Varen: Isn’t he nice? @_@So there you have it. Is title the book for you? Take this quick quiz and find out!1. Do you like reading books?a. yes (1 point)b. no (0 points)2. Do you like hot goth guys?a. yes (1 point)b. no (0 points)If your answer score is 2 or higher, then Nevermore is the book for you.Read it. Review also posted on