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Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews Song of choice: Nine Inch Nails - We're in this Together:looks at the cover::scratches chin::imagines Kate saying "My sword is bigger than yours":Seems legit.Magic Bleeds was such a damn fun ride! Kate is as awesome as ever, the gang’s all there plotting and.. existing? Grendel stole my heart!!! And Curran is the biggest asshole you can ever see on the face of the planet.An asshole in the best of ways, yes.Why am I calling the poor sweetheart dude an asshole? First of all because he’s been one since book one, and second of all because we get to see Kate and Curran hook up. *piglet squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaal*Yes, I wish I was in Kate’s shoes right now.Duh.Oooooh that was wonderful! And the cool thing is that most of the book goes around this little secret I’ve just shared. So if you’re a fan of Kate and Curran move your fat ass to the nearest library (or check your fave ebook seller like all the cool kids) and get the book.You’re welcome.:sniff: R.I.P. Merigold :sniff:1st read: 17th Apr - 23rd Apr 20122nd read: 9th Jul - 11th Jul 2013