The Great Destroyer

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The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson Imagine finding the one book that seems like it was created just for you. This book can bring you happiness, sadness, despair. It can make you want to leave your daily routine behind just to read one more chapter of it. This book invades your thoughts before you sleep. It makes you want to share it with everyone you know so that you could have someone else to share your joy with. I have an extremely few number of books that make me feel this way. It’s been months since I’ve last read one of these books. The last one I’ve read was The Kingmakers in September, if I’m correct. And just when I thought that I won’t be finding another one of these wonderbooks anytime soon, The Final Empire hit me square in the head.I ordered The Final Empire for two reasons. One, half of my Goodreads friends gave it five stars, and two, I had a good feeling about it. The summary and the cover felt right. Lucky for me my Spidey sense didn’t let me down, and now I have another wonderbook to add to my absolute madness, aka super epicness, shelf.The Final Empire is perfection transmuted into 643 pages of mind-blowing text that blows your mind like a mind-blowing tornado blowing the minds of fantasy lovers like me. This book rocks. It’s awesome. Brandon Sanderson should get his statue placed in the Hall of Badass Authors who will blow your mind like a mind-blowing tornado that blows minds.Blow. Your. Mind. People!The characters, the story, the UNPREDICTABILITY! Goddammit, I’m gonna be broke but I need all the damn books Brandon Sanderson wrote. Right now!Review also posted on