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Faefever (Fever, #3) - Karen Marie Moning Hope strengthens. Fear kills.Yes, hope does, in fact, strengthen. The hope that Barrons will save Mac’s ass (pun not intended) from this fecking ending!My exact reactions: *pause**blink**read paragraph again**blink* *pause* First thing’s first. This is the second time I read Faefever. Some things get better, now that I know what’s going to happen in the next book. Some things don’t really change, aka the ending. It was cruel the first time, and it’s still cruel the second time I went through it.I just love how each book changes. We start with a kind of cute Darkfever, then notice that the pink gradient gets a bit darker reaching Bloodvefer and then even darker with Faefever. I love it.I love darkness. I love pain. I love seeing a Mac in her toughest hours. See her suffer and toughen up. I like to see how life tests her limits and how she becomes someone else. Someone better. Someone stronger. A symbol for a genre. Mac is, in my opinion, one of the symbols of kick ass female leads in the urban fantasy genre.I think that Faefever is the best book in the Fever series so far, and trust me (I’m a doctor) the next books will be even better. Don’t get all scared and give up the series just because the ending was hard (heh). Three times hard. Or was it four? I can’t help myself. I have to let it out.*clears throat*Yeah. In Dreamfever, you’ll get a nice little treat to make up for this perversion. A VERY VERY nice treat. You’ll see. *winks*P.S. Barrons, you disappointed me in this book. You behaved like a total jackass and half of my admiration for you flew out the window. Using the Voice on Mac like that, pulling her hair, ruining the cake. You deserve a kick in the balls.P.P.S. V’lane P.P.P.S. Here’s an old “comic” I did for my old Faefever review. My reviews for the other Fever books:Darkfever (Fever #1)Bloodfever (Fever #2)Dreamfever (Fever #4)Shadowfever (Fever #5)