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Eternal Seduction (Eternal #1) - Jennifer Turner Let’s build up images for our characters, shall we?Logan – lol I can’t help but think of Chuck Norris when I say this name… I admit Logan isn’t your typical heroine. How often do you find a drug addict homeless person who, surprisingly, has a very good oral hygiene and who steals bags from old women for a living? Even though she seemed promising, everything went to hell after 50 pages or so. Logan is the most hateful annoying bitch on the planet! I simply hated her and didn’t believe the crap of her falling for Kerestean (whatever) just because she ended up a damsel in distress.And, of course, we have a typical Vlad Kerestea. No wait… Kirestyan? F*ck it, I’ll just call him Bob. So here’s Bob Almighty! Looking good Bob!What are Bob’s negative parts? His name is gay, he’s a pansy, he’s not evil enough, he lacks personality, he’s boring as a pacifist’s pistol and he turns into a dragon. Vamps that turn into dragons… Could it be lamer than that?Now let me think of the reasons why I would pick up a PNR book. 1) I want some spicy romance;2) I miss a hot hero that would make me sigh his name before falling asleep;3) A mother*cking group read.Since this was a buddy read I can consider number 3 the reason why I picked this. It’s one of them but not THE ONE. I actually wanted a good hero. Now go back to the part where I described Bob. Now come back here. Pansies don’t make good heroes. Oh I almost forgot. The beast inside him is hungry for some loving *wiggles eyebrows**facepalm*Odin the great tailor?? Seriously??? I could get over the Odin part but make him a tailor? Oh well…What a bunch of weirdos…And wtf does the cover represent? Logan’s poem for Lord Vamp? Roses are red, my nipples are blue, your coffin’s neat but I hate your guts and I wanna kill you!Other things that got me angry:• Highly exaggerated at times even for a vamp PNR. *creepy music* six hundred years since the dark Stefan last turned someone *dun dun duuuun* I hope you are worthy.. Man she’s a homeless person and a drug addict. Your chances are pretty slim. Plus shame on you for taking advantage of an emaciated human.• Bob is mooning over Logan and wants to take up his badass over-powerful father just ‘cause he "loves" her. And Logan doesn’t give a shit about him and she’s obvious about it and yet he’s willing to play the puppy role for her.• The way Logan was demanding Bob to treat her like a whore and denying his feelings and then oh no he let the beast out and she spreads her legs like her life depended on it. Can you be easier than that Logan? How the hell am I supposed to admire this woman? She’s just pissing me off all the time!• The story is obtuse and IMHO nonexistent. There was no action, no villain, no pain, no fun, just too much talk.• I liked no character whatsoever.The conclusion:If you read this bookFree today, 27th Jul 2013, on Amazon. Get it here.