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Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires #12) - Rachel Caine First of all I would like to give you the honor of meeting my Myrnin. Yes, I know he doesn’t exactly look like Rachel Caine intended him to, but I don’t care. Deal with it. Now bathe in his awesomeness! Mmmmmmmmm. He is perfect.Anyways, if you managed to read this series completely, or close to it, you might as well call yourself a Morganville fan. If you are a Morganville fan, you surely know about the vampire heaven that is I personally stalk the shit out of this website. The site has a whole bunch of goodies – short stories, news, MVTV!!! – good stuff. I want to show you guys some cool pictures for a bunch of characters. Amelie and Oliver are PERFECT! Especially Oliver. Just look at that! Holy ballz!Ada is meh, I can’t really form a proper image out of that sketch. And Myrnin… well, he is different. That is not how I imagine him. Well, my previous image is also not exactly how I imagine him either, but it’s pretty badass. I guess if you combine my image with the one Rachel Caine has on her website you’d get something better.But anyways, apart for the unimportant stuff I’m dumping in this review, lemme talk a bit about the book and why I didn’t like it so much.It was boring. Like really really boring. Boring start, then got a bit better, then boring again, then I lost interest and was counting down the pages till it finished. Black Dawn wasn’t as bad as [b:Bite Club|9376345|Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires, #10)|Rachel Caine||13673332] (you can read my rant here), I mean the story was pretty good. But, I repeat, it bored me. I also noticed that the book was almost 400 pages long. Wow. When compared to the previous MV books, this is a lot. And, if you remember me saying this in my previous reviews rants, the thing I love about MV is how short and fast-paced the books are. That’s why I could handle reading so many of them without getting bored. Black Dawn proved my point. The book is stuffed with extra info and extra POVs from various characters, some of them were completely unexpected (Hannah wtf?!), which added to the length of it. They also add extra drama which also bores the crap out of me. And it was sooo painfully slooooow to read!! So unlike the previous MV books. Me has a sad.I guess what I need is a break from the series. I’ve been reading it for the past few months now, and I guess I need to miss them a bit more in order to enjoy reading them again. I’ll probably resume reading them closer to the MV15 release, which is at the beginning of November if I recall correctly. I do hope I won’t end up dropping the series. That would be a shame.