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Saint City Sinners (Dante Valentine Series #4) - Lilith Saintcrow *spoilers aheadHell has nothing on Saint CityWhat is up with the cheesy lines? If it weren’t for Working for the Devil I wouldn’t even bother with a book that had that rubbish on the cover. I feel forced to read this. I know I have one book left till I’m done with this series and I’m extremely happy about it.Saint City Sinners is all about crying, shrugging, almost bruises, manhandling, unspoken feelings and annoying monologues. Maybe the cover should look more like this: What else is happening in Saint City Sinners? Japh is still an insensitive dick. Yeah yeah, I know, he’s a demon and he doesn’t understand how humans work, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s behaving like a dick, and the fact that I very much hate him.As for Dante..:fart sound:She’s such a bore with all her tantrums and bullshit. She bores me. This book bores me. This series bores me. Oh, and about the heart-breaking deaths, I feel like I’m supposed to feel sad for Eddie dying. I’m supposed to be even sadder for Gabe dying. But I’m not. I feel like Saintcrow is trying too hard to make this book sad. Hell, she’s been trying to make all this series sad. Trying too hard. And it’s obvious. And it doesn’t work with me. So I’m just left scratching my head and wondering how the hell I’m going to conjure the patience to finish this book. Or all her other books. Minus Working for the Devil, of course. Working for the Devil was awesome.In the end I don’t like any character anymore. I don’t like the events that are taking place. Thinking about it, I don’t like anything related to the Dante Valentine series anymore. Just be done already!!Review also posted on