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Dragon Age: The Silent Grove - David Gaider, Chad Hardin, Alexander Freed Ohkay. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove. Another video game inspired graphic novel. I can’t say that I hate the idea of reading more about a game I enjoyed playing but most of the time the stories end up disappointing me. In Dragon Age: The Silent Grove we follow the footsteps of Alistair who is to become King of Ferelden. Alistair used to be my love interest in the game (yes, I was desperate) so it’s funny to see him being all badass when, in truth, he’s just a little insecure man. I never liked his character, to tell you the truth. And having the story revolve around him… well, you can imagine. Not impressed.I had some technical, if you can call them that, problems. Because of the images having a small resolution, the text is very difficult to read. Zooming in is a nightmare. I always have this type of problems when it comes to graphic novel ARCs and because of this I’m actually thinking of giving up the process of requesting and reviewing ARC graphic novels. ARC courtesy of Dark Horse Comics via NetGalley