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Companions of the Night - Vivian Vande Velde Omigosh I wanted this to be good. I wanted this to be good so badly. I wanted something creepy. Look at that cover! It sure looks like a creepy book. Creepy YA Romance. YA Romance generally sucks, I know, but look at the cover! How can’t that be awesome?!“Easy, my dear Anzu. The cover is awesome, true, but it is a mere metaphor. The shadow monster doesn’t necessarily have to be a shadow monster but a symbol for the darkness within a person. Duh.”Well… yeah. That sucks. Bleh meh meh bleh bleh bleh.:real review starts here:In the future, be careful whom you rescue.Companions of the Night is a pretty decent YA Paranormal Romance about a girl doing the right thing and getting in trouble because of it. More or less. Is it like Twilight, you ask. No, rest assure, it’s not. It has character depth, no cheesiness (at least not too much cheesiness) and a pretty decent story. And think about it, the book is a bit over 200 pages long and yet offers so much more than the YA books I usually read. The advantage is that it doesn’t have enough time to overstay its welcome. I’m always a fan of that.Another thing that I really liked is the author’s take on vampires. Here comes the metaphor I was talking about, the dark shadow. Kerry, the MC, rescues a vampire in distress. So far so corny. The dude is a teenager (meh) and pretty much kisses her ass for saving him."Wait! You mean that a vampire (super strength and all that) gets rescued by a mere teenage girl?! What the hell is this crap??!"Well yeah. Duh, right? Super strength should have gotten the dude out of trouble."NOT IF IT WAS TWILIGHT!!"And you are right again. But this is not Twilight. Vampires are evil and selfish. They only care about their wellbeing. They might faking it."Oh."And they might threaten to kill you. Abduct you. Force you to work for them and threated to kill your family if you don’t comply."OH NO!"Oh yes. This is how things go in Companions of the Night. And I love it. It makes sense. Ethan’s (the vamp) personality matched my image of vampires. I absolutely hate the usual sissy vamps in Paranormal books. No, these are not nice people that happened to grow a fang or two. No, they don’t sparkle nor eat animals because they are too “kind” to kill people. No, they don’t stay virgins for 100 years nor want to have a relationship with the Mary Sue next door. They are vile cruel disgusting creatures that belong in your nightmares not your sexual fantasies.Unless.. you’re into that sorta thing. Which is fine by me. Whatever rocks your boat, stranger.Anyways, I have two main things that I disliked about Companions of the Night.One, the story was not creepy. I was expecting something else and I didn’t get it. Disappoint. Two, the romance. I think I would have given it four stars if it wasn’t for the romance. It didn’t bother me since it took an incredibly small part of the book, say 20 pages or so, but I think the story would have been better without it.If you ever have the possibility of reading this book, then take it. It’s a very fast and fun read. Should you buy it? Maybe if it has a discount, yes. Else try borrowing from someone.