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The Devil's Right Hand (Dante Valentine, Book 3) - Lilith Saintcrow Ok, so apparently Dante has to grieve over someone in each book else Saintcrow won’t be happy. Book two over Japh, and now over Jace. Yay Dante.I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I touch The Devil’s Right Hand, and I feel like yawning. I touch it again, just to make sure, and I yawn again. I open the book. Chapter 1. It’s for you,” Japhrimel said diffidently, his eyes flaring with green fire in angular runic patterns for just a moment before returning to almost-human darkness. […]My vision gets blurry. I yawn again. I feel like the ground is pulling my body towards it.I drink some coffee.Chapter 2. I woke from a trance deeper than sleep, a dreamless well of darkness. I had been unable to sleep for almost a year while […]My vision is still blurry. I bring a blanket to keep me warm since the ground is too cold. I drink more coffee.Chapter 7. No time for a quote. Made a pillow out of my slippers. A bit uncomfortable. Running out of coffee.Chapter 15.. Must. Not. Close. Eyes. Coffee. Please.- several days later -Chapter 17 Chapter 18. Wait a second! This is getting good! Could this be? Could this really be??Chapter 20. Frustration. Frustration. FRUSTRATION.Plus Dante is a dick.Chapter 22. Chapter 29 (or something – I lost track) . Japh is a total sonovabitch and I completely hate him. I really really hate him. I can never look at him the same way ever again.Chapter 40-something. And now he made up to her by saying “Omg Dante Dick, I only did this in order to protect you because I love you and I could never hurt you. Unless you behave like a bitch, then I can bruise you all I want because why the hell not.”No. I will not forgive you. Ever. YOU HEAR ME?!ConclusionHalf of the book was a snoozefest, the other half was pretty good. Saintcrow sure knows how to write her climaxes.ScoreFirst half: 2 starsSecond half: 4 starsAverage score: 3 starsReview also posted on