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Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry, #3) - Simone Elkeles The taming of the shrew on a Latino rhythmWhat can I say about Chain Reaction? Well I’ve been waiting for this to be out for months. I got all excited and happy when it was published, I tried avoiding reading reviews because I didn’t want to be influenced by them and, God forbids, not like the story. What can I say? My plan turned out pretty well. This is actually going to be a 100% subjective review, no outside influence or anything.Since the story focuses on the characters the most, the majority of my opinions will be related to them. The rest? Well typical love story. Very similar to the previous Perfect Chemistry books I might add, but not in a way that would make someone give it up.So let’s judge the book by its cover shall we? A cover which is so damn sexy. I really love it and had puppy eyes while reading the scene in the book. I like this about Simone Elkeles’ covers. They actually represent a scene from the book. A romantic scene. *sighs* That is a cool thing you are doing Mrs. Elkeles. Good job!My first impression on Luis was that I didn’t like him. Sure, my respects for being smart but this attitude he was having was just sh*tty. I have a weak spot for smart guys but I just couldn’t tolerate him. I don’t know why I was expecting him to grow into a shy little geek but of course his genes wouldn’t allow it. So now he became an assh*le. Yei Luis! Go get them boy! I don’t like the guy but I don’t hate him either. I think he has talent for hitting on girls. And he’s funny but not in a clownish way. That’s a plus. Ugh I hate clowns.Anyways, things go down, the drama unfolds. Aaaaaaand then he turns into a liar. And a good one also. I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate liars. Imagine what this did to my image of the dude. It bothered me that he actually did it so smoothly. Just bam! the lie is out, you can’t tell that something is wrong with him. Now I sit and wonder what would have happened if he told Nikki the truth. And not just her. His brothers, his mum and cop neighbor also. I bet things would get settled easier. But then I think about something else. Would the book be as entertaining as it is now when you know that he’s hiding things therefore complicating the story? I personally would prefer to be entertained and have him lie. The easy way is too boring. Does this make me a hypocrite?I felt bad seeing Luis give up on his family. I was thinking he’d be the calm one that maybe he won’t be in the gang like his brothers. Maybe just have problems from the outside or something. But he’s worse. He’s actually asking for it. I think I’m enjoying this though. There are moments when I get scared for the guy or get sad for the situation. That’s good right? I’m living the story and getting attached to the characters.It’s sad to see how easily a good kid’s future can be destroyed. It’s all in the decisions he takes. I still hoped Luis would stay a geek. I know he’s not totally a geek but the whole bad boy scene doesn’t suit him. I see him more towards being a hipster. A cool one actually.Nikki (pornstar name much?) is an irresponsible teenager who didn’t know how to take care of a basic but so important aspect of her life. Not to get pregnant. I get why she was so attached to that Marco dude. Insecurity most probably. She’s just fifteen so she sees the world differently. I’ve never managed to respect girls who are so dependent to a relationship, especially since they’re in higschool. It’s too early for that and rarely these relationships last. I respected her for not falling for the whole macho heartbreaker play Luis was throwing. That was a smart move from her side. Nikki before the pregnancy loss was a sad and insecure girl. Nikki after the pregnancy loss is a cruel little cynical girl. Is it wrong to think that the “accident” she had turned her into a more interesting character? Am I going to end up in Hell after this?I hope not!I respect Nikki for not giving up on Luis after he - uhm how to put this in a nice way – f*cked her off. But it’s all her fault actually. She’s the catalyst that started the poor guy’s downfall. At least she had the decency of playing the hero and trying to patch things up. Too bad this whole incident will leave some nasty scars.One of the other parts that I wasn’t happy about was her envying, because that’s what she was doing, Derek and Kendall’s relationship. That’s not the way a good friend should act. If Nikki had bad luck with her boyfriend that doesn’t mean she has to generalize. And if she wants to do this, if it makes her happy, then at least she should have some respect for her friend and try to be less subjective in judging people. But if she was all perfect and had all the right answers to everything she’d be a robot and the book would end up as a sci-fi adventure on Mars or something. Not that I would mind it or anything.I had a problem with their reaction to the “LOVE” word. I think they all overreact with this. Seriously why get scared of a f*cking word? Can’t you tell that he has feelings for you? Don’t you feel how perfect it is to be together? Why is it so difficult to name the damn feeling? I get that it’s special and crap but it’s not worth the reaction it’s always getting. I think soap operas got to peoples’ heads and created this whole scene with them acting dramatic and turning something that is supposed to be beautiful into something cheap. Just say the words and be done with it, if you feel this way. It will surely lead to something. If the dude/chick doesn’t feel the same way at least you’re done wasting time and you can move on to someone who will (probably) love you back. Good luck with that! I have no idea why my review got turned into a mother/daughter conversation. I apologize.Anyways, moving on. What else did I love about the book? Ah yes! Ben was cool but too shy for my style. I’d enjoy watching him build the game though. Maybe help in with a few graphics. And Carlos… Mmmmmmmm me gusta! He’s my favorite brother. It’s settled. Alex and Luis are cool also but they don’t have the spark that this muchacho has. I also enjoyed the wedding, the nice romantic moments in the end and them playing Panty Discus, which was hilarious.Overall a great book. I’m taking a point out of the score because of some stupid decisions Luis and Nikki took that I didn’t really agree with. The rest is just dandy.