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Welcome to Temptation  - Jennifer Crusie This is the first book I’ve read from Jennifer Crusie’s collection. I have to say that in many ways her writing style resembles the one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips so it made me like her even more. I’m surely going to check out the next Dempseys book in the series and maybe some other stuff that she worked on.Now what I liked about the book is the laid-back feeling the whole story has. I needed something relaxing and funny to kind of calm me down and make me forget all the problems revolving around me lately. Welcome to Temptation worked very well for me. The humor is really good, lots of great dialogue goin’ on, funny characters as well as a decent story.Why won’t I give this a maximum score you ask? Because of the lack of feelings the main characters have. Yes call me old fashioned or blame my PMS but I felt like there was a bit too much sex in the book. This left me feeling that there’s actually no emotional connection between Sophie and Phin… well except for lust and the occasional anger, of course. Yes, they dropped the big L word by the end but I still didn’t catch the moment when all the magic happened and the fling turned into something more. Maybe I had this more from Sophie, cuz DUH she’s a girl, but Phin was still having the teenage drive to hump her every minute. Either this is the way he manifests his love or he’s taking some funky pills we don’t want to name here for the sake of our children…After a while there was a nice plot turn which made the book a bit more interesting. Someone dies!!! *dramatic music playing in the background* No, no settle down kids I won’t tell you who dies. You gotta read the book and find out for yourselves. Even though it was too dramatic I was expecting maybe some macabre jokes… No? Too much? I mean think about it. A murder can be turned into something funny, watched a few movies where they did a good job out of this so I thought the book was heading that way. It wasn’t… my little sadistic heart was disappointed but the story still ended in a nice way. A bit too predictable for my taste, I already knew the culprit long before it ended but it was entertaining nonetheless.The conclusion? A really good book for those who want to let out a bit of steam and just relax for a while. Good laughs included.Top 5 quotes#5 Phin spared a moment of sympathy for Frank until he looked back and saw him at the bar, leaning into Clea’s cleavage. Get a grip, Frank, he thought, and then he looked down Sophie’s dress and thought, Never mind, Frank.#4 Sophie smiled up at him. “I have a fantasy.”“If it takes a lot of energy, it may stay a fantasy,” Phin said, and thought, Anything you want.#3 “I was standing in the doorway when he said hi,” Amy said. “And from the look on his face, what he has for you is not the key to the city.”#2 “Say it,” she said, and he said, “I love you. I’ll always love you. Forever. It’s a life sentence. Now put the damn ring on.”#1 “Are you naked?” he said.“You threw a rock at me,” Sophie said.“Think of it as foreplay,” Phin said. “Come down and play.”Read it on ZombieHazard.