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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (Necromancer #1) - Lish McBride This was one of those books which were very difficult to rate/review. It started with an unimpressive intro and turned into something very interesting. Since it impressed me to a certain extent I’ll start by mentioning the good aspects. It has brilliant humor, it’s very deep, emotional and unique, and the main character is one of the most real protagonists I’ve met so far. Plus there are many secondary characters that caught my attention. They weren’t at their peak unfortunately. Except for Brooke, the head thing was awesome. And, before I forget, I also liked the switch of POVs; it gave the book a dynamic feel.Now that I’m done with the good parts let’s get to the more interesting aspects, aka the bad ones.“Those who loved Anna Dressed In Blood (aka me) will love Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. That’s the line that made me get this book. Add also the cool synopsis and nice cover. So I was expecting something badass, of course, but in the end the only similarity is the male protagonist. This doesn’t mean that being an ADIB* fan will automatically make me like this. It’s false, at least from my POV. Don’t get me wrong, HMCN** is great but overall it didn’t reach my expectations. I wanted something gloomier, creepier, more emo if you must!Another aspect that I didn’t like was the werewolves. Blame me for expecting a freakin’ bloody story filled with dead bodies! Yes, yes it had blood and bodies but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more, dammit! And the weres*** are like a pair of red boots on a businessman: too distracting and can’t be taken seriously. They made the book feel divided in two: one for Sam the other for Brid. In the end it got unified but the effect didn’t grow on me.So, I can state that I didn’t adore HMCN but I really liked certain things. I didn’t hate it but some parts got me bored. So it’s totally mixed feelings about this one. I guess I’ll go with the middle thing for the rating: three stars. The series has potential so I’ll be on the lookout for the next book.P.S. What’s this ”Psh” sound Sam makes? Is it not a sound? Is it a form of alien communication? Me confused..-------------------------------------------------*ADIB - Anna Dressed In Blood**HMCN - Hold Me Closer, Necromancer***weres - werewolves