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Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax, #3) - Ann Aguirre WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEADWell now I’m disappointed. I was expecting something great like the rest of the books from this series and what did I get? Politics. Lots and lots of politics. I didn’t like the story at all, not even the ending. I’m not happy with this book and I’m not really looking forward to reading the next one. There are many little things that irritated me besides this whole politics crap. Most of them are related to the characters, which I used to love. Not I don’t anymore!I’m not a fan of Jax’s change. I liked her more as a rebel and not a boring ambassador. Now nothing differentiates her from the rest of the “heroines” who try so hard to save the day. This ruins all the fun by the way. I also have to pick on something she did. So she’s willing to throw March in jail for the alliance but once it passes the vote she would give it up to save him? Does this even make sense? And what happened to the whole f*ck the world I just need you gig? I don’t like what you’re becoming Jax. I don’t like it at all.March is such a big disappointment. He was acting like a rabid dog most of the time. To prove just how irritating he was I’ll post some quotes. I’ll limit myself to four of them else I’ll end up pasting half of the damn book because of March’s idiocy!Earlier, he said he remembered loving me, but he couldn’t feel it anymore. - f*ck you MarchIf things were different, I’d curl up in his arms. But March can’t stand being touched now; human contact triggers swift, sure violence, not warmth. - f*ck you MarchI’d guess the only reason he’s restraining himself now is because I’m being threatened, not him. He lacks any emotional attachment to me at the moment. - f*ck you March “There’s no pain anymore. No fear. I don’t care about anything but what I want. I don’t have people hanging on me, asking me what they should do. Know what’s more? The longer I stay like this, the more I like it. This is freedom . . . and I could make a fortune on Nicuan. Live like a king.”- f*ck you MarchI’m surprised Jax still stands the sight of him.Vel is awesome, probably the only one who hasn’t changed a bit. I’m not picking on Dina and Hit but I got so few of them that they’re rendered MIA.I liked Jael a lot. This may be related to the fact that he kicked March’s ass (I’m just sayin'). But wait! Then it turns out that Jael is the bad guy. What the f*ck??? I liked that guy! I mean yeah I could tell something fishy is going on with him but selling them for money? I’m so not happy with this… Dear JaelI used to like you. I used to like you so much more than March even. You were the cool dude who would kick ass and be cool and make me smile and make me imagine you all hot and muscular. And then you do what??? For money??? Boy are you out of your mind? If you’re that desperate to get paid go to a damn strip club or something, don’t stab your friends in the back.Oh and before I forget. I hate your guts and I hope you burn in hell.Love,AnzuKeep reaching for the stars.Bleh!