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Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen If I could hug myself and kiss the hell out of my brilliant little huge (because I’m freakishly smart) brain I would! Oh wait, I can actually do that. At least the hugging part. Kissing my own brain might be difficult unless I turn into a zombie somehow. But then maybe I would be tempted to eat my own brain. Is that considered making out with it or not?Anyways, Married With Zombies was such a great book! Well.. not really sooo great, but pretty nice. More than nice. Great. Is a three-star rating equal to great? No? Nice? No? WHATEVER THEN!So yeah, it was really funny but something was missing. Some liiiiittle thing that wouldn’t make such a difference but at the same time it would make a big difference. Do you get what I mean?I liked Sarah but the whole drama she’s making out of Dave’s video playing habit is annoying. My husband is a class-A gamer, as he would describe himself, and I’m not far away from his rank. I love playing video games and I see them as a perfect pastime activity. And since we’re both into it we have so much fun playing them together. Sarah bitching about it and not even trying to join Dave on the fun is crap from her side. And her hating Nirvana.. I’m not even going to comment about that.But those things are minor and won’t affect my rating.Much.The sad part is that the book became quite boring after some time. I guess all zombie books have a point where they lose their originality. Thinking about it, the stories are the same: normal day at the office and all of the sudden your colleague John tries to bite your arm off. ZOMG everyone’s a zombie, RUN FOR COVER!!!!And then the fun goes to hell. (Heh, hell. Get it?)But you know why I actually liked this book? Because of the humor. It’s so fucking good! I mean check these quotes out:“We — we’ve obviously had some technical difficulties, folks,” he finally said as he shook himself awake from his stunned fog. “But I assure you we’ll work to keep you updated on the situation with local coverage on the ground and try… well, we’ll try to get back with Henry shortly.” Dave’s eyebrows lifted with disbelief. “Yeah. Henry’s a zombie, dude.” I nodded. “We now go to Zombie Reporter Henry Greene on the scene,” I answered, mocking the CNN reporter’s cadence. “Henry want brains.”The zombies stared, their heads turning in that odd doglike way that was so off-putting. I think we confused them. Okay, I know we confused them. I mean, they looked at each other with a few grunts like they were saying, “‘What do you think, Zombie Bob?’ ‘Well, I don’t know, Zombie Pete, let’s see what they do next.’”Muahahahaha that’s so funny!!!!Wait. They were totally better in the book. Oh well.