The Great Destroyer

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Ember (Darkest London, #0.5) - Kristen Callihan Uhm… well now, this wasn’t bad. Not great but also not bad. Callihan is as good as ever, her descriptions being amazing. Fascinating. Totally fascinating.I mean, we get Archer wearing a "gallibaya". Which is spelled "galabeya" b-t-dub (just saying). Just imagine it. Nah, really imagine it. Let me help you. Not bad, eh?Sure hope he doesn’t get a rash in that thing. There be ugly rashes out there…Plus a kufiya! Wilson! Image please!! Archer the Arabian Prince. Yum!No? Am I exaggerating again? Nah, we're good girls, we deserve some eye candy from time to time.The rest of the story is pretty boring if you ask me. Not really interested in anything that goes around. Is it because Archer and Miranda are separated? Maybe. Is it because this is actually a boring story? Maybe. One can never know.Even though this is book 0 you should probably read Firelight in order to get wtf is going on. If you don't you'd probably be confused throughout the book.Peace out!