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Slumber (The Fade, #1) - Samantha Young Might there come a time When we stand over a grave And mourn ourselves? Mourn the past, a previous life? Shall we weep for the passing of time? Shall we grieve for unfulfilled dreams? In my naivety; in my belief In immortal youth, I sleep walk through life. Someone… wake me up. Please. Wake me up. Slumber – Haydyn DyzvatiVery well my dear. Let’s hope the rest of the book follows this fabulous start.:pause for effect:Of course it didn’t follow the accursed start. I couldn’t be this lucky, could I?Well.. it wasn’t as bad as I made it sound. No bleeding eyes, no pulled hair, no vomit (thank god, I wouldn’t want to experience Fifty Shades of Grey again) and no anger.Maybe only some frustration here and there. Some boredom, because the story was slow at times. It picked up towards the end and it saved the book from a low rating. You got lucky book. Really lucky!The concept of the story is pretty awesome, taken from the Sleeping Beauty idea. I was actually hoping this would apply to the heroine and not her friend/princess but then what would the story become? Rogan having an adventure in Dreamland?Hold on there, that doesn’t sound so bad. I bet it would be more action-packed than how the real story went. Dreamland Adventures. Not bad. Not bad at all.So yeah, Rogan is our dearest heroine. And as all YA heroines go, she judges the guy who’s in love with her in an unfair way, she acts like an annoying 30-year-old virgin and almost gets raped because (not the first time this happens) she considers herself badass enough to finish the highly difficult quest on her own. Nothing new here, move along.Ugh, I can’t understand why these girls go for decisions like this. Isn’t it obvious that they’ll get in trouble because of doing stunts like that? And of course the judging! Oh the judging!!Wolfe’s dad killed her family and kidnapped her because she’s special. But he also beat the crap out of his wife and son (Wolfe), who is, of course, deeply in love with our fresh peach Rogan. And you judge, Rogan? YOU JUDGE???”Oh no, I can’t be with him because my dead parents will judge me from their puffy spot in heaven. I cannot betray them in this manner. It would be too cruel…”Pushing him away is surely the best thing you can do. You idiot!! Bull. Utter bull.But she shows signs of maturity from time to time. One of these moments is when they make love. Which is more detailed than I would think, especially considering that this is a young adult book. He touches her and ZOMG I’m a different person! I see all my mistakes, I see my true feelings. But have Wolfe mind his stuff and not kiss her ass and ZOMG the bitch is back. Attention leech much?Historical YAs are pretty weird, but at least they have a plot, unlike the “traditional” Historical Romance genre. If I hear of an enormous erection one more time...I was also a bit disappointed at the end. I was hoping the cure would be harder to attain. Get more nervous, wonder if she’ll live or die, you know the usual sadistic thing that readers do. It was all too easy, and the Epilogue was weird. It didn’t include 5 babies and a dog, and it didn’t conclude the story. Will the next book focus on different characters or will it stay with Rogan and Wolfe? They got their epilogue, so is L next? She’s on the cover after all.