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No Rest for the Wicked  - Kresley Cole Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! Yes! Finally Kresley Cole decided to take this series one step further. After reading the previous two I was worried I’ll end up being blah towards this series, since I felt it was repetitive, but after this I think this will have a place among my favorites. The book had everything it needed: mind-blowing action, an amazing story, touching moments and hot love scenes. I’m really impressed.Now, what I loved about the story was the dynamics of it. Yes, I prefer something to catch my attention and keep it for at least 60% of the book. Unfortunately sometimes it’s difficult for me to find this. No Rest for the Wicked had my full attention from page one, even though I found that the beginning of the story was a bit too sudden. But it wasn’t so bad, eventually I managed to get used to this. The Amazing-Race-like competition was a very good idea; I guess this is what made the whole book so great.The characters were also nice. I am impressed with Sebastian, he can be a dualist at times and I find that interesting. He is such a kind and intelligent person. I must say I was expecting another brute, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. Kaderin… uhm… what can I say about her? I hated her. I really really did. I guess she wasn’t made for loving (except by poor Sebastian) so there was no surprise when I wanted to choke her to death. I actually got angry because the author exaggerated with Sebastian chasing her and kissing her ass so much. I doubt any man would do that even if she was his Bride. All in all I must say that this was a really great read. I can’t wait to see what the next one in this series is about.