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Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark, #4) - Kresley Cole Before I start I have to comment about the cover. I really like this style of manipulation, combining a photo with art touches. You can see some brush strokes on his chest and belly, they go on his shirt and then blend him with the environment. I’m not a big fan of the moon behind him but it matches the title so I’ll let it go.Now on to the good stuff. Dark Needs at Night's Edge is the fifth book in the Immortals After Dark series. It’s about the third Wroth brother (the ultimate bad-boy), Conrad, and a ghost ballerina (o.O I know, right?), Néomi. I loved the fact that Conrad was a crazed vampire; I thought this would add a nice amount of spice to the story. Another great aspect was that you can feel his transition from insane to… well, almost sane… he still didn’t quite get there yet. I don’t know why I still found the story lacking. Yes, it’s more romantic than the others but I was expecting a cracked vamp to do more uhmmm…. Crazy stuff? I really wanted lots of crazy stuff coming from Conrad and I didn’t get them. Shame on you!! Néomi was cute but a little too easy. Ok she’s a ghost who loooooves her house and when an ass (that’s Conrad) starts trashing it at least she should make him pay a bit. I dunno, some insects crawling on him, maybe a crack in the ceiling to facilitate a bit of a Chinese water torture or something. I respect her though. She had a wild set of control skills. I have to get my hands on a book that discusses those…I was curious how Kresley Cole will fix up this ghost problem. Don’t boo me, it’s logical that eventually she becomes his Bride and they live happily (n)ever after. You have to admit this was a tricky one but eventually she did alight. I still wished for a bit more action. I really really did.Not so many funky quotes in this one. Here’s what I liked:“My advice.” She pressed her fingers to her chest. “But didn’t you recently say that I was a ‘mad creature’ who was ‘soft in the head’? Sniff, sniff, Rydstrom. Sniff, sniff. I was so crushed that I ate a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, except I didn’t because Valkyrie don’t eat.” (that’s Nïx btw)“I’d planned to kill them, too.” When Néomi glared up at him, he raised his chained hands.“Past tense. See? Already I’m improving.”“Damn, that werewolf melts my butter,” Mari sighed. “He’s so miserable,” she added delightedly.