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Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1) - Nalini Singh I don’t know why but it’s difficult for me to review this. So this review won’t be funny or interesting. It consists mostly of thoughts and impressions. Have in mind that this doesn’t mean it’s a bad book. I really liked it! A nice intro but a bit slow to get into the details which is normal when entering a "new world" aka the story’s background (new world just sounded cooler so I had to put it this way). It’s fascinating to observe two societies that are so opposite to each other. The Psy are cold manipulative robots (well not really robots, but as close as you can get) and the Changelings are wild and animalistic (duh). Not to mention warm and friendly. And hot. Lucas is definitely hot!Nalini Singh is good. She took the simple (yes, you have to admit it’s simple) subject of a Paranormal Romance book and turned it into something fascinating. Yes we still have the typical alpha male trying to get into the chick’s pants the first second he sees her gig but it’s not bothering me. The story seems good and its making up for this.I have to insist on the slowness of the story. You get an overflow of information that kind of gave me a headache. And got me bored at times. Aaaaand felt a bit lifeless. Yep! I thought I won’t like the book so much and it kind of made me sad because I really love Nalini Singh’s work. To my upmost joy it made up for the slow start towards the end. The events were flowing more easily and the whole story felt a lot better.Sascha was so cute ♥. It was like watching an alien try to get used to living in our world. I also loved Lucas. He’s the type of man who knows what he wants and fights (even dirty) to get it. What I feel bad about is Sascha risking her life over this. But I have to admit the idea for this book is really good. Here’s what their relationship reminded me of:I simply adore this concept! Whoever created this is a genius. In our case it’s the other way around. Sascha is the robot and Lucas the human.Another character I loved was Vaughn. He seems like one tough sonofab*tch. Actually all of the characters in this book are cool. I can’t think of anyone who bothered me.I’ve always loved tree houses! So when Lucas took Sascha to his den I was actually drooling. I kept on imagining how the house would look like. Something like this:Ooooooor this:Or (let’s make it a bit Sci-Fi) this:Ignore the alien-like people from the picture. They’re probably just the maids…. Doing their job… spying on humanity… and dusting the… uhm… TV… or something…I’d go with the second picture. That’s pretty close to the image I had in mind.Nalini Singh did Lucas' animalistic side so well. His attitude is so close to a predator that at times I had the impression he’s an animal (and I mean it in a very good way) and not a man. In my opinion this is the most authentic alpha/were/animal-person in all the books I've read so far.In the end, here’s a chart of how the book evolved (my opinion):Top 5 quotes#5 She narrowed her eyes. “I could turn your mind into mush if I wanted.”“But then who’d lick you to orgasm?”Her entire body turned into a flame. “You can’t say things like that!”“Why not?”#4 “If you want to fantasize about me, don’t try and turn me into someone else. Take me as I am, rough edges, dominance, and all.”#3 For the first time in her life, she wanted something else even more than she wanted to belong. If only for a moment, if only for a second, she wanted to be loved.What a futile, impossible dream for a Psy.#2 If he didn’t feel, he wouldn’t remember. If he didn’t feel, he wouldn’t mourn. And if he didn’t feel, he wouldn’t hurt with every beat of his very human heart.#1 “It doesn’t have to be you,” she said one more time, begging him.“It has to be me. I’m yours.” His kiss held his heart.It broke hers.Read the review on ZombieHazard.