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Legacy Lost - Anna Banks is one of my most favorite websites. They have a bunch of really cool writers and, hurrah hurrah, they also post free fiction from time to time. Legacy Lost is one of them. (check my tor shelf for more).Why I was so interested in reading Legacy Lost is the fact that I really was considering buying Of Poseidon. Legacy Lost is the prequel of the latter, so it gave me a general view of what this book is about. I’m sure many things will change because I’ve read the summary blurb on Goodreads and it seems like your average Young Adult story. Average girl takes a trip, meets a hot fishboy, gets dragged in whatever underwater politics and so on. She’ll end up being spheshul, save the kingdom with her super-duper powers, marry the fishboy and have lots of fishbabies with him. What would make me actually buy Of Poseidon would be:1. The author’s writing style should blow my mind;2. The MCs should be very interesting;3. The villain should kick ass.Any of the above would suffice.Legacy Lost was mediocre. I can’t really judge the whole series based on this, but it gave me an idea of what the universe is about. Of Poseidon isn’t really hardcore fantasy after all, it’s simply Young Adult, so me expecting something flashy was a bit naïve. From what I’ve seen so far Legacy Lost is your typical teenage romance book , but with a mermaid theme. I don’t think I’ll bother with Of Poseidon, to tell you the truth. I’m really sick of all these silly Young Adult books.Review also posted on