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Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires, #10) - Rachel Caine ***SPOILERS AHEAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.***Ok people, rant time.So I managed to go through 9 books (plus many other short stories) of MV without even getting remotely bored. Do you have any idea how big that is to me? I cannot start a series that has over 10 books. It terrifies me. I know that I will end up being bored, it’s just my nature. MV, on the other side, is extremely special. The books are short, to the point and super-fast to read. That’s why I love them so much.And then something had to happen. Why would things be good till the end? Why? They can’t. Life’s too much of a bitch to allow this to happen. Oh yes.So, Bite Club. Cool name. Says it all. Fight Club in Morganville. Should be awesome.Yeah. Awesome.:sigh:I was expecting Shane to be the center of attention. Why? Because a Fight Club theme couldn’t fit anyone but him. He’s an angry teenager who needs to let out some steam. He has it in him. I just had no idea that things will go so bad.Bite Club has an alternating POV. Ok, not really one chapter Claire one chapter Shane, but a Shane insight from time to time. I was kind of glad to have this since I :cough: used to :cough: like Shane. MV has a bunch of short stories from his POV. I didn’t mind it. And I thought maybe a Shane POV from time to time would be nice for a change. You know, keep it from getting boring and so on. The only thing that Shane’s POV managed to do it get me even angrier and made me hate the dude. Lemme explain why.So, dearest Shane is super excited to attend the newest gym in Morganville. Of course nothing can go right in this town, so by now you should suspect the new gym to be some kind of evil pit of doom. I know I did. So this gym has a self-defense program. As one would expect, our dearest group of four vampire slaying teenagers can’t keep themselves from attending this course. Needless to say that Shane is the happiest between them. As I said, anger issues.Blah blah blah drama drama drama Shane gets mindcontrolled by a hottie vamp chick. And she makes him be a total douche to everyone, especially Claire and Michael. Quotes likeAnd if Myrnin had taken her somewhere, from my territory…And[over the hottie vamp bitch]I felt hot all over, and, yeah, again, I’m a guy—don’t judge. I love Claire, I do, but this was a dream. And besides, Claire had just ditched me to run off on her own when I needed her. happened.He was drooling over the vamp chick while remembering Claire and comparing their looks. The vamp chick won of course. He verbally and physically hurt Claire. He beat up Michael. He insulted Eve.And I can’t handle this. I can’t go back to seeing Shane the same way I did before Bite Club. I just can’t. I know that he was being controlled by the evil hottie vamp chick but I can’t help but feel that part of his thoughts and feelings were his own. He wanted to do these horrible things. The angry thoughts and doubts were always there. And this was confirmed when I read [b:Anger Management|15701321|Anger Management (The Morganville Vampires, #10.5)|Rachel Caine||21360909]. He still has those lingering thoughts.No, Shane. Just no. We are done. And you know what gets me even angrier? How easy everyone forgave him. I knew the “I’m so sorry I hurt you” and “It’s ok bro, we love you” ending was coming. And it did. Everyone forgave him just like that. Especially Claire. I mean he broke up with her in the most horrible way and once he got all puppy-eyed with her she just jumped his bones without a second thought. I refuse to acknowledge this relationship.The only thing that kept me from giving Bite Club the fuck-you-one-star rating was Myrnin, my steampunk vampire hero. Myrnin’s character keeps on growing on me, and I absolutely love him by now. He is funny, crazy, charming and badass. I just keep on reading these books wishing to get another glimpse of him and his crazy world. “I so rarely have the chance to field-test anything. Amelie is so conservative about these things.” “No kidding,” Eve said. “Holla.” Myrnin’s eyes widened. He looked at Claire, who shrugged. “She agrees,” she said. Eve and Michael were as awesome as ever. Claire sucked for how weak she was, and is, towards Shane. I feel bad for saying this, but I wish they break up. I really do. I see many girls wishing Claire will hook up with Myrnin but I can’t imagine this. It doesn’t feel natural. I feel like Myrnin’s love for Claire is paternal, nothing more. And duuudes, he’s like ancient and shit. Ew. Cmon. It’s like Ryodan all over again.But maybe if this hookup happens it won’t be bad.Oh, who am I kidding? I’d love it. I’m sick in the head. Don’t judge me.