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Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1) - Karina Halle Sins & Needles is a pretty unique book, I guess, when compared to all the other New Adults I’ve read - which are pretty few, to be honest. I feel disappointed though, because I was expecting something else.What disappointed me the most are the characters. Even though, in theory, I was supposed to like them both, after reading a good chunk of the book I’ve realized that I pretty much dislike both Ellie and Camden.Ellie is a strong independent woman and I like this about her. Her overall personality pisses me off because she’s mostly a douche. Something ain’t right with that girl.Camden was supposed to be one of my fictional crushes. He ended being… weird. Theoretically he’s hot. A sea of tattoos on a hot ripped body, piercings, artist, plays the frigging guitar in a band. But he is a – excuse my lack of a better word - weirdo. He is also too calm and too freaking nice for my taste. Meh. I like me some bad boys in this situation.I also didn’t like the romance between the two MCs. I felt like things went too fast. There were not enough - ugh I can’t believe I’m saying this - romantic moments between them. Thirty four percent in and they already were doing it doggy style. Not cool.I’m very disappointed because I am really in the mood to read a New Adult romance and I can’t seem to find anything good enough. This was my last try, at least for a while. Later on I might try to scavenge some more books from this genre, maybe I’ll get lucky.I dropped Sins & Needles around 40% so I have no idea if things get better or not later on. Remember this while considering my review.Review also posted on