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Easy - Tammara Webber Warning. Review might contain minor spoilers. Read at your own risk.Again I find myself alone in hating such a popular book. Woe is me.I knew I wasn’t going to like Easy since the first chapter. It was mostly because of the MC being an idiot. Starting a book with an idiotic MC doesn’t seem like such a good idea. But who am I to judge?Some authors can write hot guys. Yes, that’s mostly why I read romance novels. It’s all about the hot guys. What were you expecting me to say, that I read them for the plot? What plot? Romance novels have no real plot.Webber is not my kind of hot guy factory. I don’t like her characters, thus I don’t have any reasons to finish the book. I was thinking of giving it my typical fifty-page tryout, and if things didn’t pick up I’d slap da bass.But for some reason I couldn’t drop it. It wasn’t because the book was not so bad. Easy is an extremely boring, irritating, predictable and uneventful book. I just couldn’t drop it. And I hated reading it, I really did. Maybe it was because I still had some hope for the story to pick up. Maybe it was just morbid curiosity. I regret wasting my time with it, though. Precious time that I’ll never get back. Oh well.Now let’s move on to the good part, shall we? Fucking up the characters. The joy.Jacqueline is your typical too smart in theory but an idiot in reality female lead. She is supposed to be an intelligent woman, but all she does is take one bad decision after another. Not reporting almost getting raped, giving up on her career because she wanted to follow her boyfriend’s ass all around the country. I mean, why the hell not? Why would she want to be a strong independent woman? Her way of thinking, her way of talking, none of these things show how intelligent she supposedly is. She also managed to get on my nerves most of the time. But that’s normal. I rarely encounter a female lead that’s actually pleasant.Lucas… well, Lucas was supposed to make me fall head over heels in love with him. I mean he’s got the perfect looks, long black hair, strong built, tall, lip ring, tattoos, can fight his way out of trouble, smart, wears glasses. Yum, right? Well, no. He’s as dynamic as a sloth. He feels incomplete. He barely has a personality! He does not feel male at all! It’s obvious that he’s written by a female author. I hate it when male characters are obvious like that. I really really hate it. And the emails… those fucking boring emails… *supermegaeyeroll of death*And speaking of other small things that bothered me more than they should, let me tell you more. I know he just saved her from being raped. But calling him her savior was a bit too much. I know since it’s a contemporary romance we can’t always get a judo-master chick, but easy on the ass kissing will ya? I froze, recognizing my savior from two nights ago.My savior stared down at him, his jaw working.Next.“I can’t let you drive.” Judging by his expression, my face was a disaster. I blinked, my hand still extended for the keys he’d just confiscated. “What? Why?” He ticked three reasons off on his fingers. “You’re shaking, probably an after-effect of the assault.”“It’s my fault I can’t walk from a house to my truck without one of you trying to rape me?”Yeap. I also have to mention the romantic side of the book. The passion doesn’t feel genuine. Events and feelings feel forced on the reader. Saying is not showing, and I hate books that say and don’t show. The reader is given mainly those blasted emails to get to know Lucas better. There are few to none emotional moments, there is no connection between the reader and the characters. Very sloppy.The only thing I liked about this book was the fact that the big bad L word went missing. Not bad, but still not good enough to award the book with extra points.Review also posted on