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Three Parts Dead - Max Gladstone I really loved the concept of Three Parts Dead. I mean you get lots of great elements like magic, gargoyles, vampires, a bit of steampunk, dead gods and a nice mystery. This seems like a good recipe for an awesome book. As you can see, I dropped the book around 50%. I tried my best to finish it but it simply could not catch my attention. I had several issues with it. First of all, the start was very confusing. Shitload of information dump. Not cool. Then there’s Max Gladstone’s writing style, which I did not find attractive whatsoever. And the feeling that something was missing in the story.I also had some technical issues, since I was reading an ARC. The switch between the different characters’ point of view was extremely confusing. The pages were missing the line break between the paragraphs when the switch of a character’s POV would occur, and many times I found myself not knowing who I’m reading about.In the end I can only advise you to give Three Parts Dead. It has great potential and it might suit you better than it did me.ARC courtesy of Tor via NetGalleyReview also posted on