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Blood's Pride - Evie Manieri At first I felt lost. Loads of weird names. Freaking weird names. Really. For everything. Couldn’t remember anything. And the thing is, Blood’s Pride has a shitload of main characters. The point of view changed throughout the book more times than I could remember. It was overwhelming, especially since Evie Manieri has a thing for overly-complex idiotic names. I need my books to be special in order to feel sucked in and enjoy what I’m reading. Blood’s Pride caught my attention with its first few chapters, but after a while the story got boring and confusing. The dialogues, in particular, bored me to tears. I felt like the characters on which the story focused were not that important, nor entertaining for that matter. I would have loved the story to focus more on the Mongrel, since she is the coolest character between them.And what is that monster on the cover? (and what an amazing cover it is, I might add – totally misleading, but I will get to that later) A dragon? A bat? A bat-dragon? A dragon-bat? Doesn’t matter. I want more of whatever that is. I was halfway through, and there was no bat-monster in sight. What a bunch of nonsense!And speaking of the cover, it’s incredibly misleading. The cover made me think that Blood’s Pride is an epic adventure starring the Mongrel chick, with a bit of romance between her and the fire-wielding Ginger dude (see misleading cover). I did not get any of that. Sadness.No, fuck that. No sadness. Anger. Injustice. Frustration. Not cool.Am I going to give the next book in the series a try? Nope.Would I recommend this book to you? Nope.One star – dropped halfway throughReview also posted on