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Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, #1) - Karen Marie Moning I don’t know what to say about this series. Of course I’ve read Fever before this and that made KMM become my favorite author. I was thinking that maybe I could find something that MIGHT (notice the big might right there) be a bit close to the awesomeness that Fever is. *awkward silence* Um yeah so... how to say this without being a jerk? It kinda sucks. A lot. I mean what independent big ass tough woman would like to be thrown in the past where she will meet the most possessive and typical alpha male who wants to bang her brains out and probably impregnate her at least 100 times and see her become a housewife for the rest of her worthless life. Oh yes, I can probably name a few. Seems legit. (notice the strong sarcasm there)Oh and what is up with all the beautiful males, huh? Shallow much? I’m not such a fan of perfection; I like my guys with flaws… too much beauty burns my eyes.I’m sorry KMM I really love you and all but this is not cool. It pains my fingers to type this you know. *sniffs* I’ll DNF this *sniffs* I hope Barrons you can forgive me *sobs*Oh well... I’ll go for book three one day.