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Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) - Cassandra Clare Cassandra Clare did it again! She single-handedly managed to bore me to death!I don’t want to sound like a crybaby (and I will try my best not to) but Clockwork Prince gets the Disappointment Award of 2011. After seeing so many 5-star reviews (I will never learn, will I?) I had so many high hopes. Since it happened with A Monster Calls why wouldn’t it with this one also? Maybe because Patrick Ness is a good author and Cassandra Clare isn’t. I’m just saying.My expectations weren’t that high by the way. I was just looking for a great adventure filled with good characters, emotional moments and a bit of love. And speaking of love, I was praying not to have a love triangle. But I’ll get to that later.The beginning of Clockwork Prince is BORIIING! But hey I managed to get through it thinking that it’s just a prologue to the total awesomeness that everyone is talking about. Guess what? It isn’t.The whole f*cking book is boring. Oooor… at least the percentage I managed to finish. I wasn’t skipping pages. Oooooh no, I was skipping chapters. Whole chapters full of useless blabbering. I even failed to identify the damn story. Should I check the summary to find it out or what? Oooh and wait ‘till you hear this! The bad dude’s parents are dead and he blames it on the Shadowhunters. Not all people dress as bats and fight crime during the night after their parents got killed. Nu-huuuh. They go chasing young girls in order to marry them. In the name of science! That’s just creepy! He wants her for her powers. Bullsh*t, just ask Pedobear why he wants her. Anyway my point is that this part of the story seems a weeee bit unoriginal. They’re looking for Mortmain for like 25% of the book and all of the sudden Jem gets a sudden, but silly, idea and what do you know? He was right. Next thing you know the damn Joker will be in the book killing people. Not that I would mind it or anything.And speaking of unoriginal, am I the only one who thinks that this series is too similar to The Mortal Instruments? I know they’re related but it feels like the characters and plot have too many similarities.But it could be just me.Or not. And another problem now. I simply can’t get myself to like Tessa. I have no idea why and I won’t waste my time even trying to find a reason. I’ll leave it like that. Tessa meh, Jem meh, Will cool when he’s not too emo (obviously Cassandra Clare has a thing for tortured heroes), and Magnus yum when he’s not gay. The nonexistent story meh, the villain meh. I want more creepy contraptions running around killing people. I want more blood and suffering. I want less teenage drama. If I wanted teenage drama I’d turn on the TV on Thursdays and watch The Vampire Diaries. So please cut the crap. And so we reach my final, and worst, problem. The love triangle. Probably every teenage girl’s wet dream is to have two hot guys fight over her. Freakin’ losers. I hate hate HATE love triangles and hate the stupid girls who love them even more. This was the thing that made me stop reading the book and the series as well.So goodbye The Infernal Devices! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.